Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Still waiting, but blogbuddies are traveling

Yes, we're two weeks past the late end of average Seeking Confirmation Letter date, I'm past crazed, but I'll live.  Prayers always needed, we're putting our finances in God's hands, so please keep up the prayers about that.

I have four buddies traveling right now, so go ahead and read about them,  Good news there.
Bringing home Eric, is back in China to bring home Matty
Henderson home is bringing home seven year old son Zane
Faith hope and Love is bring home their son Reed from the same province that Acer is from.
We also have friends we travelled with, the Satlers who are are over picking up daughter number two. Sorry their blog is private, but add them to your praises when you talk to the big guy tonight.

What blessings!


Spring said...

Thinking of you Heather...the wait is so hard.

BTW, I answered your question about Dr. Perry on Oprah yesterday with a post :)
Thanks for asking!

joey said...

Dear Heather ~ way too long for a hug, please know long arms are wrapped around you. With heartfelt prayers, hoping your beautiful journey comes true.

Amy in Arizona said...

Hang in there Heather!!!

Leah's Mama & Baba said...

Wow,,, you have been busy,,, Here's a daily prayer for ya!!! From Buckeye, AZ ,,, We are working on another adoption, but, domestic this time.... so we shall see what happens...

Hugs from me to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!