Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank You Mr UPS man

Yes, I'm sure I bewildered him by dashing out the door, camera at the ready, but I felt I'd at least make an attempt to catch him. I'll have to see tonight how poorly I did.
Anyway, the official form is here and we just need to sign it and send it back. Hurrah!!! One more step down.
We are now waiting for that form to travel to China, be processed and a new form called the Travel Approval (TA) to arrive to tell us it's really okay to travel and pick her up. As soon as that arrives, our agency makes a Consulate Appointment (CA). That date will tell us when we really travel, usually that will be about two weeks after the TA. We (Alex and I) will travel for two weeks and finish up the day of the CA.


Charlotte said...

I can't wait til you go ! I love watching gotcha day !

I also sent you an invite to the blog, email me if you don't get it ~ raeghansmom@yahoo.com

I didn't know if the BT goes right after the Heather ?


Jean said...

Heather, Congrats on the SCL! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift once again. I can't wait to see Calliandra home.

BTW, I love the new pink background!