Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 4 waiting for TA

What an odd day.  Acer was very well behaved throughout most of it, it just ended up being very draining and I'm still not quite sure what to make of it.
Acer's yearly eye check up was today.  Because of his Peter's anomaly, we need to watch the pressure because glaucoma is a threat.  Dr R. came in, looked at Acer's chart and asked us if we'd seen Dr X., a cornea specialist.  Well, no, he'd never told me I should see Dr X, this was the first time I'd ever heard Dr X's name.  I suggested that maybe he'd consulted with Dr X during Acer's last bout of testing.
That past we moved on to trying to get Acer to open his eyes.  This is a concept Acer just doesn't understand.  Totally doesn't understand.  The last time Bill and I had asked him to do it, he put his fingers on his eyebrows and pushed up.  Amusing to watch but ineffectual.  I tried to explain, opening my eyes against his palm, but there was just nothing connecting to turn the little idea light bulb on in his head. 
So, here Acer is in the Dr's office, and he's a little nervous and a little afraid because 9 times out of 10 he goes to the Dr's office, he gets shots and the Dr tells him to open his eyes. Well, he may not know how to open them on command but he sure can squeeze them shut in a hurry. A minor wrestling match ensued and the score, Acer 1/Dr R. 0.  
The Dr then decides that he needs to do another Exam Under Anes. to knock him out and take another look and get his pressure.  At this point I am still unsure if this new Dr will be involved or if I'm supposed to make contact on my own.  Guess I'll call and leave a message on Mon. to clarify things.
So I went to check out and mentioned to the ladies that they had no toys which made noise in the new office.  They smiled and said yes, isn't it nice and I had to tell them, no it was not good, not all kids can see these toys.  I mean really, bead mazes galore, an abacus (more beads), some peg gear boards which were all disassembled and all over the floor and a play house.  Acer was extremely bored.  The only thing that made him even slightly happy was the thought of going to the drum store afterwards.  We waited in the waiting room for 45 minutes and he was really pretty good despite being so bored.  The only reason he likes to go to the Dr's is to check out what toys they have to play with and here he didn't even have that option.
So, off to the drum store we went.  This time Acer got to listen to three drummers trying out drums, unfortunately two were playing at the same time.  He liked that and was happy enough to leave when I said it was time. The deuling banging got to me tho', more than a little loud.
Bill took Acer out grocery shopping that evening, Acer was desperate for some batteries for a piano toy and we needed a few things.  I happily tubbed and read and tried to wrap my brain around the day. Still not sure why it was so exhausting, but I sure was tired.

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