Monday, January 08, 2007

CNN apologetic

We'll see. I've set the tivo.
Not sure what I'm referring to? Check the transcript a few entries below under 'Hoof in mouth disease'.
Here's what was posted on one of my adoption chat groups.

Here's the info, posted on another list, with permission to cross-post:

RE Paula Zahn Now Panel on China Adoption:

Here is an unexpected development: I received a call from a producer at the Paula Zahn Show last night. She was very contrite, noted that they had received MANY comments from adoptive parents expressing their anger and disappointment at Friday's panel. The producer asked many questions to be
sure they understood our community's views. She informed me that they had decided to run a new panel on China adoption"to redress the issue." - which will air tonight. (Paula Zahn Now AIRS: 8-9 p.m. ET on CNN)

We understand that they have invited new speakers, including someone from the Great Wall Adoption Agency, the president of the Organization of Chinese Americans (a national group with which FCC is forging ties), a Chinese journalist, and someone from FCC or another adoptive families organization.

Thank you to all of you who sent such articulate feedback to CNN over the weekend. You were heard!
- David Youtz at david.youtz@... President, FCCNY

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