Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rumors of referrals

There is a large group of adoptive parents to be who anxiously await every rumor of referrals, we're part of that group even though we don't think we'll be part of this very next referral group.
It appears that The CCAA staff sent out referrals and that the West Coast has in fact received theirs already. In doing math derived from various sources, I've figured that we should hear in Mid-Feb. at the earliest.
I would love to receive our referral for Acer, it would just ease my mind so much. Although I don't believe God would have lead us on this path if we weren't to get approved, I still worry. It would be a nightmare. We've already had Acer in our hearts so long, 5 months, since we made our decision to go ahead.
So I check the rumor mill and fret and wonder.

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