Saturday, January 13, 2007

Okay, I was bad.

Well, I've promised myself that I wouldn't do too much shopping for Acer because we haven't gotten our seeking confirmation letter yet. (more than slightly unjustly paranoid we'll be turned down) and because I already have clothing from a friend and from my sister in law Kerry.
Today I broke that promise and hit the sales. I will say that boy's cothing is not nearly as cool/fun/colorful as girls clothing. I actually envy the clothes he'd be able to wear in China. They don't have these odd color restrictions on the sexes that the western world does. Even so I was able to get a whole bunch of stuff super super cheap. I even managed to get some orange cargo shorts and an extremely cool hawaiian style shirt w/orange rhinos. Of course I still got him things like mitties and a winter coat (not boring blue thank heavens, but black red & yellow and tiggers) I think I like those and the space ship jammies I was able to find in 3 different styles best.
Of course Bill had to give up some space in his T-Shirt closet (yes he has a whole closet for just his T-shirts.) It's just a precursor of things to come, he'll have to condense down to one closet once Acer comes home.
My mom had wanted to buy Acer some clothing for Christmas, so she kicked in to help pay for these, about what she would've paid for his gift if she'd bought it herself. So I wasn't wuite as bad.
My nephew Brandon (16) also gave Acer his Lego collection today 'As long as he doesn't eat them'. I think I'll need a toy box soon. I wonder if my old one is still in Mum's garage.


Monica said...

Hey Heather! I promised my DH that I wouldn't buy Lily Mei any more outfits until we knew exactly what size she is. Well....Kohl's was having a sale....uh oh!! Sometimes I just can't resist! Love,

Heather said...

Howdy Monica!
You can always try the 'Well if it doesn't fit I can pass it on to...' logic. Luckily we do have a new nephew, who'll grow into this stuff in '08! Sears was my downfall, their toughskins line has been updated & how can you go wrong with toughskins for a little boy!