Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cleaning help you never knew you needed

For those of us who are un organized in our cleaning, who aren't sure how frequently one should clean out the fridge, there's hope. For those of us who don't like to clean, there's hope. For those of us who're so busy we don't know where to start, there's hope. For those of us who work, in or out of the home, there's hope. My sister-in-law told me about this website
There you can purchase a home cleaning planner for only $8 for the whole year. It's lovely, broken down into small daily items instead of big chores. For example, yesterday, instead of cleaning the whole fridge, I cleaned the middle shelf; instead of cleaning the whole bathroom, I cleaned the toilets. Over time, the whole bathroom is cleaned, mirrors are today, and I didn't spend a whole heck of alot of time in there on any particular day, The list also has entries like, pamper yourself, and work on a craft.
Some people try to clean their house before they start this, but really, you don't need to, your house will morph into clean as you work this. My husband and I share chores, so when there's something on the list that he does, he does it, if it's something I do, I do it. for example, yesterday vacuuming was on the list, so Bill pulled out the vacuum and went at it. Yeah us! clean toidies & floors in one day!

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