Thursday, January 25, 2007

Things I've learned this week

Well, nothing too exciting on the adoption front this week, So I thought I'd recap some things that I've learned. I shall pass on my hard won wisdom so that you too may learn Grasshopper.
1) Diet Mountain Dew and keyboards are not compatible. As this was my second experiment along these lines, once on a PC and once on a Mac, I'd say that this incompatability goes across standard technological boundaries.
2) Cleaning keyboards with q-tips and safe cleaning agents doesn't necessarily mean that the keyboard will work once it's clean.
3) If you are trying to teach a small child not to grab things away from others, grabbing things away from her is counter-productive.
4) If it takes 2 people to work a restaurant soda machine, there's probably something wrong with you, not the machine.
5) A sense of humor is the best tool for keeping a friendship alive. Thank you Vicki, friend of 37 years.
6) Keys on your new keyboard are never spaced exactly the same way keys on your old keyboard were.
7) It is extremely good to have a husband with a great sense of humor, when something strikes you ROFL at midnight when you're both already in bed trying to sleep.

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