Monday, January 15, 2007

To all my fellow waiting parents

Most of you know about the Paula Zahn programs and issues the adoptive community hand with them. Part of the problem with the program was the research used to back up various people's points. We can only blame ourselves if the research out there doesn't express our lives and feelings, because we don't participate in the research. The following is a blatent plug for a research project that Bill & I participated in, and will answer questions again after we bring Acer home and after he's been home for a little while. This took 45 minutes on the phone and a half hour to fill out a paper questionairre; not really all that long. Abbie also periodically puts out a newsletter which also includes other research being done and talks about issues adoptive families may have.
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Leah's Mom said...

Love the Blog,,,, I too have put down what comes from the heart. This process has taught me alot about myself and my own faith... It has shown me, how to deal with people on a whole different level. And I am sure you know what I mean. Please know you are not alone, we are all in this together.
The King Family
Buckeye, AZ