Wednesday, January 10, 2007

paperchasing my own tail (dog analogy)

Well I just spent 6 hours running around; notarizing an edited letter of petition of adopt, getting it and our homestudy addendum certified to say the the notaries were okay, and sending them and a return envelope to the Chinese Consulate where they can authenticate the papers and say that the certification saying that the notarization of our signitures is correct.
This is pre-emptive, we haven't actually been asked for these particular pieces yet, but just in case the SN dossier approval lady needs or wants them, we have them. Yeah us.

On the bonus for the day, our package to Acer arrived at the Agency yesterday. We sent a fisher price bouncing giggling elephant (very cool) and a disposable camera for the foster mother/SWI to take pictures. We also sent the coolest little photo album ever. It holds 24 pictures and each pictures holds 10 seconds of message you record.

I wrote out scripts for the members of our families and all those I could get a hold of recorded their bits. I simply translated the Mandarin into phonetic bits so that people introduced themselves and said I love you. I'm hoping that as his eyesight is nonexistant to horrible, these little bits of sound will really help prepare him.

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