Friday, May 15, 2009

Can't fix the blog right now

we can't reach the blog right now to fix Alex's link to Bethel so I
thought I'd let you know that there's a link to Bethel on my Sidebar,
way down.

We are in Beijing in a very nice hotel. We went to the Summer Palace
today. Unfortunately, our guide is not as talkative as I'd like. I
think she felt she didn't have to say as much because I've already
been here. I had to tell her twice and then a third time bluntly that
I wanted her to talked to Alex more because Alex has never been here
and needed to learn these things. After that she really stepped up

Prayers for My Right Achilles Tendon, it's been sending up shooting
pains and has really slowed me (and the rest of us) down. Think I
need to ice it and put it up tonight.

On and odd note I was able to get gel for curly hair at 7/11 of all
places here.


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