Saturday, May 16, 2009

Not a good day for me

Yes, Here I am, in the hotel room, relaxing with my feet up instead of
out sight seeing. I seem to have tendonitis in my right Achilles and
about killed myself yesterday even walking slowly. If the Summer
Palace was too much, today's trip to The Forbidden City and the Great
Wall would put me in coffin.
So I sit, and do exciting things like catching up on my comics and
playing 'Solitare 'til Dawn'. I tried to go on facebook, and in the
middle of my session, it froze up and then switched over to Chinese
Characters. Way too many for me, I only recognize about 5, not enough
to handle a website.
I'm going to take my computer down to the front desk and see if they
can help me. I think if I can sign in again, then I could have things
go back to English but we'll see.
No blogger (this is by email if it even gets posted) and No Facebook.
What will I lose next - Yahoo groups?
Slowly losing my technology here.

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