Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day one at home

Calli had a rough night and ended up sitting up in our bed sniffing for about an hour before we had to get up. I think her clock still wasn't on MI time and she woke up and started thinking too much and got herself into a right funk about it and couldn't shake it. We got up and ate, she's trying very hard to be helpful with Acer, trying too hard, leading him to the table helping him down the stairs etc. I finally had to tell her to let him do it himself (she's very big on doing things herself) and that he really knew the house better than she did.

She's doing okay with the dogs, still a little nervous about them, but not paralyzed in fear which I had worried about.

We tried on one drawer full of clothes and started our bags of stuff to go to LuLu (cousin Lucy) , then we walked over towards Mum's and met her on the way. Calli uses her sight a bit too much and her cane information a bit too little for my comfort. We're going to have to work on her recognition of where the streets start as she'll walk right out onto them. I've switched her cane to one that is too long for her, but more responsive, feeding more information to her hands. She has enough vision to follow me, so I started walking beside and behind her to make her work at it more. If she's still going to trust her eyes more than her cane, I'll put her in sleepshades as we walk.

Right after we got back with Mum, Acer's bus came and then it was lunch time. We ate and then shot off to Bill's work to bring Bill his wallet. Everyone was really glad to meet her and we distributed the small gifts we'd brought back for them.

Had a relatively good evening and seemed to have cured Calli's sleeping issues by letting her sleep with Acer. Thurs. Uncle David will come over and help us lower Calli's loft, that should help too, as she should have more space and feel more comfortable up there. For some odd reason our upper level ceilings are shorter than the 8' normal and so the loft is REALLY close to the ceiling. May drop it by as much as a foot I think.

Having a good day so far, lovely weather, and another drawer of clothing tried on.


RamblingMother said...

poor calli, so hard to adjust to the new and forever from all she has known. She will make it. Sweet that she wants to help Acer. how is Acer adjusting to having a new sis?

Sharon said...

Just keep loving her and being affectionate and every good motherly thing. She will melt into you and her new life soon. God bless Heather!! (You are amazing how your know what is good for her needs)

Charlotte said...

Glad ya'll are settling in ! I know that jetlag is a pain ! We ( I mean I, lol ) need more pics of them together !

Charlotte, still waiting for a court date !

Julie said...

I really hope your transition is an easy one. I know the next few months are really the hardest. I am still working on getting my feet back on the ground.