Saturday, May 16, 2009

Leaving tomorrow

I never knew I could miss anyone, much less two anyones as much as I
miss my Husband and Son. I've always been more independent, accepting
separations from people as part of life, so this missing them so much
is surprisingly hard for me. We leave in just over 24 hours and I
can't wait to see them again.

For us here, after two days of cooler weather and hazy conditions,
last night's wind seems to have cleared the skies and we're looking at
an 88 degree day today. I'm hoping that I'll be able to be picked up
for the non-walking part of today's sightseeing, but am not sure yet.
Yesterday's resting really helped my foot a lot, but it's already
spasmed once today already and with that, my plans for a full day's
sightseeing went out the window.

We had a good meal last night, we found a restaurant that at least had
a picture menu with the title in English so we knew what we were
eating. No more spicy tripe surprise for us, we learned our lesson.
Calli and Alex went into half a dozen places to ask before we found
one that had the English menu, but it was worth it.


Jodi Sue said...

Glad to see you heading home!
Hope and pray you are feeling healthy for the long trek home!!

Will be praying for y'all!

Jodi Sue :)

Sharon said...

I know you must be ready to come home! Sorry I haven't been over, I have been off the computer for a while. I read down to catch up and love the pics. So pretty! And I can't beleive you got an I love you' for mother's day!!! AMAZING. So sorry about your foot. and not going out makes the day longer. I hate that heather and hope it gets better very soon. It is so coool to see the red couch where bailey was just sitting a year ago. Hope you have a lovely flight back and that it all goes smoothly. (Can you get that white people mover large gold cart thingy at the airport if you have to switch terminals??)

I keep praying for you all!!!


Tina said...

SO precious!!! I'm glad you got this on video, I love it.