Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Hello All!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.

We are now back in Beijing. Tonight we are staying at Bethel, which is
the wonderful foster home Calli lived in. When arriving here they were
so welcoming. Everyone said Hello and shacked our hand and helped us
around. A little bit later we were going to go for a walk. All of the
kids were dressed up in dresses and tux's. Man the kids looked so
adorable. Then Calli came out, oh boy did she look stunning. She has a
dress on, her hair in curls and she had a tiara. Instead of the walk
we went into the playroom and danced. These kids were having so much.
It was then that Heather started telling me the stories of some of the
kids. Oh, and yes all of the kids here are blind. One of the boys has
such a sad story. At his previous orphanage he was left in the care of
two retarted men, who beat him and literally left him in a closet. He
was beaten so bad to the point of not functioning. When he came to
Bethel he asked "Are you going to beat me to?" That right there made
my eyes start welling up. For any kid to ever ask that is horrible.

Another little girl was abandoned then was taken into the care of a
man who made her beg. Then he died, after she went to another person
who made her beg. She fell sick and was abandoned again. Then she was
brought to Bethel. She didn't know how to walk, he didn't know she
could choose what clothes to wear.

Most of the other kids here were abandoned because they were blind or
had health issues, some have been in orphanages all their lives. In
china it is illegal to put children up for adoption because of the one
kid law. So if you don't have what you want or have an unhealthy baby
you abandon them and try again. Then they came to Bethel. Bethel was
like their Heaven. Here they have choices, they are taught English,
French, and improve on their Chinese. They haven't had the ideal
lives and yet they smile. They have fun and they are happy. I guess
it's better than the lives they could live. It is so heart breaking to
come here, you hear stories of the kids and you want to wrap them all
up and take them home. To make sure they never get hurt again. I even
asked Heather if we could bring them all home. These kids have a
special place in my heart. After seeing this NO ONE has the right to
ever complain about their lives. If these kids have gone through this
and are still happy and full of smiles we should be too.

I will write more as the words come to me.

Here is the link to Bethel. Go to sponsor a child to read more stories.

I will also be putting some videos up.

Alexandra Lynn.

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TheDideonGang said...

So touching - could not find the link to Bethel.