Sunday, May 03, 2009

In Hefei, now to get rested and ready to meet Calliandra

Hello to all, we have made it to China Safely.
They almost detained Bill in Tokyo because he was too near to someone
who was sick, Thankfully they were only regular sick not influenza
sick or Bill might still be there. The poor sick man was so
apologetic for keeping the other 12 on the plane with him. The Lord
was good and the plane had arrived half an hour early, he knew we'd
need that time to make our connector to Beijing.
We left Detroit at 3PM Friday, equivalent to 3AM Saturday in Beijing,
and arrived at 10:30PM Beijing time, equivalent to 10:30AM Saturday
Detroit time. We do have killer flat butte syndrome!
We went to a little hotel near the airport for our overnight stay. It
was quite cute with lots of personality and went by the ambitious name
of Rising Harbor Quick Hotel. I'll have to post pictures, few
amenities, but we liked it. We were only there for a total of 8 hours
before we had to leave to catch our plane to Hefei. While there tho'
we got to see our friend Dennis, our guide for Acer's trip and we got
to skype with Acer while Dennis was there. Acer had a HUGE grin on
his face when he heard Dennis' voice.
The flight to Hefei went okay except my tummy, never too secure
during travel, decided to announce in not uncertain terms that it was
not happy with me. I managed to make to to the hotel, a Holiday Inn
where we have a room on the 18th floor, before passing out in a much
needed nap.
Bill and Alex went off with Jane, our local guide, and procured
crackers, water and soda before coming back to nap themselves.
All for now, Prayers for tomorrow when we meet Calliandra face to face
and take her into our family.
I'll post pictures to the blog as I can


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

Sounds like an amazing start! I'm so glad you made it! Did you hear about the 300 people in a HK hotel that have to stay in the hotel for 2 weeks because one person has the flu? Amazing!!!

deblinne said...

Much love and many prayers from the Linne family!

The Princess's Mommy said...

So glad you made it safe and sound! I'm praying and praying for all of you, especially Calli (and your tummy!). Can't wait to see pics!!

Love you,

Julie said...

I am so happy that you are there safe. I will be praying for a wonderful transition.

Amy in Arizona said...

Yay you made it!!! I can't wait until tomorrow's post!!! I am so excited for you!! Hope you get caught up on your sleep!!