Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Asleep in our own beds!

Yes, yes indeed. After 6 months of sharing a bed, for bonding purposes and because he shared a bed with his foster parents, Acer is sleeping thru the night in his own bed.
We tried having him sleep on air mattress next to our bed one night, he slept for a couple hours & then was just sobbing heart wrenching sobs, so we let him in with us.

The next night we moved him up into his bed, which he's used to napping in. He slept 4 hours before the sobs started and we brought him in with us. We'd also moved back into our old bedroom, so that we were just across the hall from him instead of downstairs.
Two nights ago he slept through the entire night, 11 and a half hours. Yeah! The first uninterrupted sleep we've had since May 13th!
Last night he slept through too! Yeah! we're on a roll!

He tends to sleep sideways on the bed, so I tucked blankets into both the top and bottom so he can snuggle where ever he decides to sleep.

Now we will start the great furniture migration, We live in a tri-level and Bill and I had turned the lowest level into a sort of bedroom suite for us, and Acer. Acer's room has been serving as our TV room. We'll need to move the gaming and TV stuff downstairs and a dresser upstairs into his room.

Some furniture and a rug will move downstairs for the seating area part of that room and the other part will be both the gaming and TV area and the futon will be both seating and spare bed.

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Monica said...

Way to go Acer!!! Can't you come over and give Miss Lily Mei a few tips!! You're the man!!
Happy Thanksgiving!