Monday, November 12, 2007

Ski pants like a swim vest

Acer received his first Christmas present early, on Sunday night. Vicki delivered it for her sister Lori. Lori and Vicki are my oldest friends; I still remember running down the street and meeting Lori running down the street to meet me. The excitement as we found out we were both three and then running over to meet their parents. I don't think I played more with any other children than with Lori and Vicki in the sun or the snow, we'd suit up and off we'd go. I even remember how excited we were when our parents let us take thermoses of hot tea outside with us in the winter.
So, it was entirely appropriate that Acer's first pair of snow pants would come from Lori. She also sent two pair of pants, a shirt, fleece jacket and a 'nice hoodie' (to use Acer's own words)
We tried on the ski pants right away and Acer immediately announced 'Ski pants like a swim vest' I think because they were padded and went over his shoulders. He's in an analogy stage, almost everything is like something else. He has some logic to it, but it can be hard to figure out what he means sometimes. This one was easy though.
Thanks Lori for such a great gift, and sent early so that I won't have to worry about finding them!

Acer with Tia Vicki and the new toy

New toy on the move

The nice hoodie

Acer in Lori gear

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