Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fantastic blanket

This incredibly wonderful blanket was made for Acer by my sister-in-law Kerry's Mom, Mrs M.. I couldn't believe it, it is so cool that my pictures don't begin to do it justice. She made this; consulting with friends and finding all these different kinds of fabric and making the super cool dragon, putting his name on it, using little tiny buttons to make the braille letters for the different words. I am in awe and thankful that she chose to use her time and talents to make such a neat-o nifty cool item for our little guy. I am also running out of superlatives!

We use it as a car blanket for Acer, It not only keeps him warm, it can keep him busy!


Monica said...

Heather! The blanket is beautiful! I love the dragon material! Too Cute!!

Beverly said...

It is beautiful.


Chan said...

I am impressed with the Braille buttons! What a cool idea. The dragon is wonderful,too. Someone loves you very much Acer to make such a great gift. I love checking in on you every now and then.
Love, the Burlis clan,
Chan,Jim,Odessa and Roo

Children's Hope International said...

I love the dragon and the Braille buttons are a great idea! Beautiful!

Jen N.

tiffany said...

Wow, that is a very special and beautiful blanket!