Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So much to say, such a little bit of time before Acer needs my attention again

Well, we've had a blissful couple of weeks in our own bed, re-learning how we snuggle and fit together. Acer has been sleeping at least in until 7:15, I think he's no longer as bothered by Bill's waking up at 6:30. Still earlier than my 8:30 -9:00 normal waking time, but I'll take that 45 minutes, no problem.
Well, little man needs me, I'll continue this later.

Acer is now eating second breakfast, so that gives me a few to continue before we head off to school.

We're working on Acer's dressing himself. I will admit I was dressing him myself because it was easier & faster, but it's definitely time. He has the skills to do it, I just have to be able to explain it in a way he'll understand. The hardest to me is the shirts, explaining how to put his arms through and how he'll know the difference between a collar and a sleeve by feel. Any suggestions?

Acer enjoyed his first " 'sgiving meal " at Bill's parents. Mum and James were invited but James was sick so he stayed home to work on getting better. Mum enjoys going and helps Bill's Mom as much as she can in the kitchen. Sometimes things are not done exactly as Sue would do them, but she's earnest in her desire to help.
Acer behaved reasonably well until he knocked down a block tower his cousin made, which had just been knocked down by the youngest cousin and re-built. It never occurred to me that he would do this and precipitate a major meltdown. He was on his way to Bill and nothing ever has deterred him from doing this before. I just wasn't close enough to prevent him. Sigh.

It has finally gotten cold enough for it to snow, but it hasn't stuck yet. Acer ate his first handful of snow Monday. Can't let him do it too frequently because I need to protect his precious hands, even more than I'd have to on a sighted child. frostbite would be devastating and the little man HATES mittens. Thankfully he's obedient enough to leave his mittens on once they're on, otherwise I'd be in trouble.

One last item, Acer has a new name for himself, started it on Thanksgiving morning - Mister Grin - Not sure how he came up with it but I love it. It so describes his engaging grin and charisma.


Beverly said...

Glenys hates mittens and "glubs" too. She will tolerate them on me or on other people but not on her.


Monica said...

Wow! You have been busy! Yeah, Acer, on sleeping in your own bed!! That's awesome! Any advice you can give Miss Lily Mei would be greatly appreciated!! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! Oh I wish it would snow here...maybe this year will be the year!

ps-Congrats Bill on the new job! Steve left his old job of 18 years 2 years ago and has never looked back! Best decision ever!!!! Good Luck!