Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween At Last!

I think the captions explain the night, I'll just flesh it out a little bit.

We played our Mannheim Steamroller halloween cd's so that people could hear them as they walked up to the door and we had our giant blow up monster up and running. We used some of Acer's school art to decorate the door and I had a few pumpkin decorations of glass and terracotta. We had our real pumpkins on the porch, but we'd never gotten them carved! Oh well, it's so hard when we're playing tag team parenting to do much of anything together.

We just went up and down the street, about 15 houses were open for business so to speak, We could have gone onto another street, but that was really enough for Acer. He'll get the hang of it soon enough, he has an expert for a teacher. I went until I was 18! Acer even used my old pumpkin (yes I still had it, but really, I just used it for decoration;) )

Back at the house Mum gave out about 6 bags of candy and when we got back we gave out another two. We're in a big area for trick or treating, but it was a school night, so not as many were out as had been in past years.

We also put the baby gate at the top of the stairs to the best use it's had so far. We used it to keep the dogs upstairs so they didn't spasm at every trick or treater. I think for sheer volume from them it was our quietest Halloween ever.

I hope everybody had a good Halloween and sent up some thoughts to the big guy for All souls/saints day.


-m- said...

What a cute little monkey!!

Sharon Flath said...

I think I had that ssame costume for my first Halloween too! How fun!!!