Friday, November 30, 2007

Dern, I cursed us.

I shouldn't have mentioned that Acer was sleeping in, I doomed myself. I think he's now figured out that if he wants to see Bill in the morning, he has to wake up early. Both yesterday and today we were awoken by a small man voice saying "Go see Baba?" at a whopping 6:20 in the morning. Bill gets up with him and lets me sleep for those few blessed minutes. Yesterday he startled us by stripping down and joining Bill in the shower, today we were more prepared for his declaration of intention to join Bill in the shower. I will admit it is pretty funny to lie half asleep in bed and listen to their shower conversation; Acer is a water hog and wants to stand in the middle of the water stream. I'm not sure how someone who is half Bill's height and a small fraction of Bill's weight manages to take up more of the tub than Bill does, but by the conversation I hear, that's what happens.


Sharon Flath said...

That is too sweet. My childhood best friend was just telling me that her three year old daughter gets up to get in the shower with her father too. What a great bonding time!!
Thank you for the comment you left on my Blog, Heather. You are so sweet and suportive. Those are good ideas for names. I am running out of B ideas quickly. What do you think about Bunny!!?? My family say no way but I still think its cute! It might limit her law carrier (Why can't I spell that t oday!!) But she could be an interior designer and work for her Dad's architect firm pretty well. hehee

Monica said...

That is so funny! Lily Mei would love to get in the shower with her daddy, but he says 'no way'!! Hey, did you guys get any snow over the weekend? That storm looked bad! Hug Acer for me!