Monday, February 25, 2008

It's all about the words you use

We had an interesting weekend experiencing Acer's language growth. Acer is a very verbal child, he basically self narrates and sings constantly. He can generally handle any new word you give him pretty easily, up to four syllables. His sentence construction is getting more and more complex and specific. We've counted words and he's come out with sentences 15 words long.
Conversation isn't his strong point, the give and take of words requires a little more something that he's still working on. So we were almost stunned when he had a conversation with Mum on the phone and was able to greet her properly without prompting, tell her he'd been to her church, had crackers, stomped on the crawlspace hatch in the floor and had a haircut (since she'd last seen him). I think he actually said a bit more, but can't remember exactly what that was.
Another bit of Acer word logic was shown as He was carrying something around that he wasn't supposed to have. Instead of following directions to put it back where he got it, he scuttled quickly away saying "Thank You, Thank you, Thank You". In Acer logic he was thanking me for giving it to him because he didn't want to give it back. If he thanked me, it was his.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Hi Bill and Heather...sorry I haven't gotten back with you about this sooner. Just copy the award to a post about mention who gave it to you and then pass it on to whomever you'd like to give it my post when I gave it to you and it will give you an idea. Then put another copy of the award (its a jpg file) along the sidebar of your blog under Awards or something like that so it will display. Hope you day has been a good one.

Sharon said...

Hi! Looks like you are keeping busy. I saw on a blog that she ishelping with fundraising for families liek yours and thought you might like to check it out. Here is her blog address:
Have a great week! Exciting times!!

Beverly said...

oo if only the thanking thing worked I would thank the IRS for a much larger tax refund.LOL