Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where would YOU hide them?

Acer's glasses are missing. he went up the stairs and to his bedroom with them on. He came out of the bathroom, q-tip in hand without them.
Now, I know he doesn't really like wearing them, he barely tolerates wearing them to be exact, but he usually calls one of us to take them off his head. He's usually just pulled them down around his neck before this, if he wanted to take them off himself.
I've looked under the bed, under the dresser, hamper and our bed. I've looked in the garbage cans, I don't think I heard the toilet flush while he was in there. I've dumped clothes out of the hamper, pulled out the sewing table and looked behind the head board of the bed.
I think it's time to...gasp, do Spring cleaning, yes, yes it's true. Despite the fact that it is well before Spring I will need to go room by room in a inch by inch search for these expensive little buggers.

On to other news.
Acer had his last visit to the Dr's for shots, plus his 6 month well visit today. He really behaved well, for the first hour. After that, well...what three year old would behave well stuck in a tiny room knowing that he's there to get shots. We survived, and now he's caught up on shots until Dec.. Poor little guy, he was so upset, I let him talk to Bill on the cell phone just to get him calmed down for the car ride home. I also gave him a special lunch treat of Nutella on Ritz crackers.

He did get a special treat tonight, he asked to go shopping with Bill alone. Bill and Unca James usually go shopping, but tonight was just a Baba & Son time.

Tomorrow we're back at school after winter break. Acer will come home with some new toys from American Printing House for the Blind. Each state gets an amount to spend per child and Acer's quota is just starting to come in. I guess it kind of dribbles in. They even ordered a braillewriter for me. I have a slate and stylus to braille with right now, but the braille writer will be much faster, even if it is bigger and bulkier.

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