Sunday, February 24, 2008

A little bit about Little Miss

This is a little bit I've learned about Little Miss, those of you who know us well will instantly see how well she fits in with us.

She loves to sing all the worship english songs, like Hosanna( i see the king of glory...) open the eyes of my heart, etc..
Her favorite subjects are science and Chinese.
She also enjoys mathematics. She has done a lot of progress; she knows the multiplication table.
In English braille she is starting English Braille grade 2. (there are only three grades to Braille, I am learning grade 1 currently)
The head master and assistant are both very happy with her work at home and school.
Food : She is not a picky eater, loves to eat everything, especially meat and fruits. No food allergies or medicine allergies
Size: weight 48.4 pounds, 48.5 inches, 6.75 inch long feet
She has a great sense of humor, loves to laugh and loves jokes.
She likes to ask a lot of questions in class, when she learn a new subject she loves to learn more and asks even more questions.
She can perceive colors but red and blue she is not really sure about.
She can recognize the green, yellow, black and white.
She can recognize a shape on the "light box" , (a table with light to stimulate and exercice her sight) such as triangle, square, circle. She can see some pictures, like clothes or dog, and recognize them.
She can talk in English quite well now.
She loves to swim.
She is a little afraid of big dogs, she will be ok, with time.
She can shower and do her hair by herself, feed herself, wash her bowl.
She can make her bed, fold her clothes. She loves to wear new clothes!!!.
She is not a difficult child, very easy going child, so just gives her a lot of love, let her hear worship songs, talk to her about God, bring her to swim and put her in an environment with a lot of fun activities and people and she will be perfectly happy :) ;) !
The only thing we have to work with her is that she is a bit careless, she won,t really try to do things well, she has a tendency to do things fast and not with application, that's the only thing we can think about because she is just a great great kid!!!


The Princess's Mommy said...

She sounds perfect! I can't wait for you to get her home!

Golden To Silver Val said...

She does sound perfect to round out your little family. Hey! Where's your award? Post it and be are truly spreaders of love.

Amy said...

Wow! How did you get so much information about her? What a gift! She sounds like a very wonderful kid!

Vive...rie...ama said...

Love your blog:) and your little girl sounds adorable! I still am smiling about the Easter eggs. I have a question- since Tonito is similar in size to Acer- what size does Acer wear now? We are still trying to figure that out:). Congratulations again!