Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Well, Bill took Acer to the mall play place last night and I got to NAP!

When Bill finally came to bed, after letting me sleep alone & stretched out over the whole bed, it started again.
Rugby who had been fine and simply sleeping beside Bill in the computer room, started up again. Now what is the difference between Bill sitting up and Bill lying down we want to know? I let Rugby out, just to make sure it wasn't full bladder talking, no, Rugby was in full stressed out mode.
I took the camping roll used as a crash mat for Acer's swing, then I took the dog beds (actually each dog bed is a sleeping bag, much cheaper for a big dog bed) I took the giant purple knitted blankie of DOOM and my pillows and away we went to sleep on the bathroom floor. I set us up, Lobelia too because she simply moves with the dog beds, and there we stayed until 7 AM when Bill woke us up and let us out.
Aside from having back cramps, I actually had a reasonable night's sleep. I was proactive, I didn't lie there in bed and try to argue Rugby into sleep. Nope, I just picked us all up and away we went. I actually had more sleep last night than I've had in a while. Hurrah!
BTW I don't worry about Rugby waking Acer unless Acer happens to get a cold nose to the face. Acer sleeps through just about any noise, including dogs barking at full volume.

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