Thursday, March 20, 2008

Acer meets the bomb squad

Today Acer met some great people who not only put their lives on the line for us, but also took some time to make a little three year old boy have a good Easter - the Michigan State Police Bomb Squad.
A few months back I started this project, trying to figure out how to acquire beeping eggs so Acer could have an Easter egg hunt. I googled for hours. I couldn't even find directions on how to make them myself (or have someone else make them for me) then after googling for hours I found a years old reference in a chat group log saying to ask your local bomb squad. So, it took me three phone calls to actually reach the bomb squad, and then I spoke to Rose. I told her it had to be her most unusual request that day, but would the bomb squad make beeping eggs for Acer?
Rose called back the next day and said they would do it, asked how many would I like, and said that the squad was interested in the thought of helping a three year old have a good Easter. Rose and I have spoken several times since then, to set up today's meeting and to tell me how many they'd made. The squad made 12 eggs, so we're keeping one for Acer, one for the Little Miss, and we're sending out the others across the state so ten other kids can hunt too.
One egg has already been delivered to a beautiful little 6 month old girl, Kayla, who came to the State Police office with her two grandmothers. Such a sweet and feminine little girl, she and Acer were a good contrast as he was very masculine with his tiny construction boots on. We were glad they could bring her, it took a little of the focus off Acer.
Rose, incredibly enough, made Acer a fleece jacket with the bomb squad logo on it (we all know how much Acer likes fleece) and also made little Kayla a sweet pink onezie with the bomb squad logo. Feminie and scary at the same time, the perfect way to be Kayla! You go girl!
Also at the meeting was the local fox news TV crew and three local papers. I'll post links and pictures as soon as I get them.
After meeting with the bomb squad we met with my Mandarin Professor and friend and two of her friends. I'll post about that meeting tomorrow because both events deserve their own space.


Children's Hope International said...

What a neat idea! I can't wait to see the news feed. :)

Bill and Aleda Diggins said...

Wow that is so awesome! Cops have big hearts!!!!!!

Bill, Aleda and Ellie Caifeng