Friday, March 14, 2008


Acer is learning to dress himself, he has putting on underwear and pants down, but the shirts, not so much. So, I've taken a break from trying to explain to Acer how to put on shirts (best not to let either of us get too frustrated). I've been working more on cutlery usage and table manners. Today, the first sunny warm day of spring, Acer wanted to break out the tricycle. (he was really excited when I told him yes) I told him he needed to get a shirt out of the shirt drawer so he could get dressed. Well, he got out a shirt (maybe out of the dirty clothes basket 'cause I didn't hear the drawer open & close, but who cares) He didn't bring the shirt to me, he put it on HIMSELF. I was so dern excited. After his nap this afternoon, he put on another shirt himself! It wasn't a fluke, he's just been holding out on me! Well, maybe I've been doing it myself because it was easier and faster. From now on though... whenever we have time, he'll do it himself!
Heather BT
BTW I just went over some stuff with Acer's OT at school Wednesday, and the shirt question was one I answered negatively. I'll have to see her Monday and tell her the news.

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