Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Now more products on our Etsy Site

Want to send out a Huge Thank You to The Diggins Family. We were in China with them last year while we picked up our respective children. We enjoyed meals, tours and Chinese beer together and enjoyed each other's company. Aleda is an artist who specializes in Celtic themed ceramic jewelry. Last year, Aleda made different products with a Chinese theme to sell to help raise money for Ellie's adoption. When they heard about our etsy store, they decided to donate their extra product to help us bring Little Miss home. So cool of them and really cool product too. I don't even have it all up yet, there's still more to come.

I've also added three more of my own bookmark styles, including some more masculine ones as per some requests.

I know you've been waiting for the pictures of Acer and the Egg hunt and Acer in his fancy duds, we'll get them up I promise.

We've been working on the paperwork for the Little Miss. Since the situation changed so much, we've been hustling and Bill's been typing and writing his fingers off. I compose and fill things out first, then Bill goes through and makes them legible.

Take Care
Pictures soon, I promise.

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