Monday, March 31, 2008

Big Change Today

We've been home for 10 months and Acer has always been with one of us, or occassionally a few hours with Mum or my brother. I would go to work at 6 PM, and Bill would meet me there and take Acer home with him. I would work three short nights a week and full days on the weekends and Bill would work full days during the week. It worked for us, but now, after my winter off, I'm back at work full time and Grannie Pat, Mum, is watching him (for pay of course, this would be way to much to ask for free)
It was tough to scoot out the door this morning with Mum and her sheet of notes there to take care of Acer. Monday is our longest day, Both Bill and I work from Morning 'til evening and then come home. So on her first day, Mum had Acer for 10 hours. She got him to school and found his teachers. she fed him, snuggled with him on the bed with a book, and even did laundry and dishes. Go Mum!
Acer was reasonably well behaved today but was really in need of some parental snuggling tonight. Bill even broke the not on BaBa's lap while eating rule just to get in some extra snuggles before bed.
Wednesday will be Mum's next day, a little shorter because I'll work the 1-9 shift, but again it's a school day, so I'll get him ready and then she'll drive him to school at 10:30. I wouldn't be able to be back from school with him before I'd have to leave for work, so that's why she'll be taking him.
Friday Mum will come over at Noon so I can leave for work, another 1-9 shift.
Prayers that this continues to go well, it seems to be a good set up for all involved.


Beverly said...

def. praying!!

Sharon said...

I am praying too. I told Acer's easter egg hunt story at the easter dinnner table! That is so neat!