Thursday, March 06, 2008

Blue Ewok

We've had a good week or so, here at Acer's house, since the last update. Acer has made huge strides in the inclusion of please and thank you into his requests. For some reason, he even uses a nice sweet tone of voice as he makes his very specific requests. 'More granola bar on the plate on the table in the front room with mama, please Mama' would be a good example of how specific he gets. He tells me, what he wants, where he wants it and with whom he wants to eat it, plus he adds the please. Then he will say Thank you for the granola bar Mama. Of course I am required to say "You're welcome for the granola bar Acer" or I am not being specific enough myself.
Acer has also started taking himself to the potty, start to finish, including getting fresh underwear out of the basket we keep on the toilet tank and putting on himself all unprompted. Of course as he doesn't actually need fresh underwear every time he goes, this means we go through underwear like water. Thankfully, for some reason, Acer owns 30 pair. I only bought six myself, the others were gifts.
This Monday, we actually warmed up to a whopping 54 degrees, we had snow melt run off and puddles every where. After our initial foray into puddle stumping, I quickly determined that boots (we call them galoshes because it's more fun to say) and a rain coat were needed. Acer loves the galoshes and tolerates the raincoat. I like the raincoat because there is a bit of insulation and I just had to add a fleece jacket and Acer was warm enough. We happily went up and down the street splashing and kicking and jumping from puddle to puddle, all nice and dry. We're back down much colder now, but Acer still asks to wear his galoshes, even inside the house which is unheard of for Him. Usually, the instant we're in the door he's all about taking off his socks and shoes.
This month Acer's infant pre-school is starting the transition to next year's school. I know some schools force the kids to change when they turn three, but our system just changes with the school year. This means Acer will always be one of the oldest in his class because he's just three weeks past the cut off date, but I think that's good, especially now. He can use the extra time to build up skills he'll need. Acer will be taking the bus about a 40 minute ride to the county visually impaired class room. I was leery but I've seen other kids do it so we'll see. I may end up driving him , but we'll try the bus first.

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The Princess's Mommy said...

Dear Acer,
No puddles here yet, but I have a beautiful new ladybug raincoat and umbrella that I'm dying to try out. We might get snow tonight! Cross your fingers for me! I would love to build a snowman!
Lily Mei

ps-You look very handsome in your new blue raincoat!