Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Thankful.

When we started the process for Little Miss, we prayed alot and then we got together and talked over what we felt our answers were. One question Bill asked me was, are you sure we can afford this? and How are we going to raise the money? I felt such peace from God about the money issue that I assured Bill that I would work more hours, and we would run a couple other different fundraisers that I knew about, The Shades of Us fundraiser and the ChipIn fundraiser. I thought I was nuts or something to think that people would want to help me, but I did it and I sent out emails expaining what was going on and asking for help.
People have responded, one woman who was adopting her son the same time we were adopting Acer, chipped in and let me know that it was okay to ask for help. That was huge, not only was she giving, but she also made me feel a heck of a lot better.
Another woman ordered bookmarks, but also sent us a check in the mail. Yes, the bookmarks were nice, but she just really wanted to help more than anything.
Today, one of our travel group decided that she would give up her anniversary gift this year. She told her husband that this is what she wanted, she wanted to help us bring Little Miss home.
It made me cry, when you are walking on faith, you have no idea where the next bit of help is coming from and this one was perfect timing. Just Tuesday, when Bill received a little check for something odd out of nowhere, I told Bill, See God will provide. And He Did. Thank you Theresa, Thank You Tiffany, Thank You Sharon.
I also started my etsy business. The idea of an dual ribbon bookmark, so you can mark in both the Old Testament and New Testament at the same time, just came to me one night. We've now sold enough bookmarks in person and on line to have paid for all the supplies. From now on, everything we sell is profit.
My friend and former Mandarin professor got together with her prayer group and have taken my idea, prayed about it and are running with it. I was overwhelmed, they bought sample bookmarks and prepared flyers to hand out among their friends and at church and one even open an account for donations for Little Miss under the auspices of her own company. Thank you Qin!
Another Family that traveled with us donated jewelry and bookmarks, different but similar in style, for us to sell. They'd made this to sell to help finance the adoption of their daughter last year. When they heard about Little Miss, they boxed it all up and sent it to us. I've put it up on the etsy site with our stuff, grateful with each word I wrote into the descriptions. Thank you Diggins Family.
I am just so Thankful to friends and co-workers and even strangers who've bought the bookmarks, to those who've encouraged us all along, and tho those of you I've never met, who I've never even emailed with who have prayed for us.
Thank YOU!


Charlotte said...

I purchased around $55 from them tonight and added your name, wanted you to know to get the credit ! I know what it is like to fundraise !

Made $1000 in 2 weeks !

Charlotte and crew

tiffany said...

Slowly but surely...:)

Sharon said...

You are so sweet Heather!! I love the going on faith story!! Congrats to Acer about his letter too. You are the perfect mom for him! YOU are the amazing one!