Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rough news

Yesterday morning we found out that Little Miss's paperwork was not going to come directly to us. Instead it was going to be put up on the Multiple Agency Special Needs waiting child list. This means that our agency will have to keep their eyes open for her posting, and that another agency and another set of parents might find her first. We are rushing to put together a packet of information so that CHI will have it and be able to claim her as ours.
We need some 'Thy will' prayer about this. We truly believe that God has lead us to her, and now we have to trust that God will keep her for us. Conversely, if another family finds her, we have to trust that we were the instrument of His will, that she is with her forever family due to the fact that we asked for her paperwork. We also would have to trust that God will lead us to the right child at the right time, just like he did with Acer.
So, we had our moments of fuss and dismay, and now we have to get to work with that paperwork.


Erika Best said...

We're thinking of you guys and keeping our fingers crossed for it to all work out as it should be (and that includes you as her family!)

Happy Easter and we hope for even happier news in the soon future

~Erika Best and family

Sharon said...

Oh Heather, I am so sorry you are going through this. I love your faith though and you just hold tight to it. Thy Will be done!! It will all bejust fine no matter what, do not be afraid.

I stuck a shot of B's current long board with his little cousin riding on his tummy in the Fun Rrelatives post for you and Acer. Tell him B would ride him around too if he lived closer. I know you must be sick of snow but the whole bay area lines up to get to Tahoe to ski or just play in it!!

I am praying very hard for you!! And
Happy Easter!

Amy said...

Heather, can you e-mail me her Chinese name and I will look at shared list for you. Not many peole want an "older" blind girl even if she is the cutest thing! You will get her as long as you can find her!

Jodi said...

Praying all will work out for your family! Including little Miss!

Jodi Sue :)

tiffany said...

I will be keeping my eyes peeled for you. May Little Miss find her way right to!

Beverly said...

Def praying!!


Children's Hope International said...

This is definitely a moment for prayer. - Thinking of you guys,

Jennifer N.

CC said...

That is rotten news, please keep us posted as I know you will be anxious until the paperwork issue is resolved!