Monday, March 03, 2008

Our New Fundraiser Etsy Site

I'm making my very own stuff for sale to help with the fundraiser, I hope you like it. I only have two items so far, but have about 20 of each, despite what my etsy inventory says. I'm making Bookmarks. Mum says the 'Heart for Christ' one is the prettiest one she's ever seen and the other is 'darling' (she may be slightly biased though)
The 'Heart for Christ' and it has the two strings for Old Testament/New Testament marking at the same time. The cross is mother of pearl, the hearts are a cool coppery purple iridescent on on side and cool irregular stripes on the other. The ribbons are Bible Length, tested against my very own Bible.
The second is called 'Marking time to China' It has the the ladybug with big (bug) eyes, the red 'thread' and the cutest dern Panda bear bead I've ever seen. It only has one string but it is again, Bible length or hardcover book length.
Please let me know what you think! I hope you think they're as cool as I do.
Visit our etsy site - link on the sidebar.
You can also order directly from me - email me at heather bt @ mac. com (remove the spaces.)
Just a note, I've sold seven already Hurrah!
I'll also be leaving this post up top for about three weeks, just scroll down to see more recent ones.


Sharon said...

Dear Heather,
I just had to come flying over here and tell you how much I loved the post your left! Great info and really profound!!

I want ot just do a donation but I also really wwant those cute bookmarks!! I'm going to go back and see how to do it
PS Every one says magnadoodles!! they must be great.

Sharon said...

I just sent you an email throught the yahoo group and then remembered i could always just come to your blog! yea right, well, maybe it will spark some other interest.

I loved your comments, thank you! I am always 'displaying' all the baby stuff. I am a freak about it! But that cat! Bo is always checking out whatever I am taking a picture of. I try to shoo him away to keep the cat hair off and out of my shot, but now I have just givne up and he can just BE in the shots. I will look back on it and thinki its cute, i'm sure. You should see the display I made of the pampers, pullups, panties, socks, baby shampoo and wipes I bought yesterday. They are all arranged in a white whicker basket with a pink gignham lininig. NOt even for a picture, just becasue I love to look at it. Diapers!! yay! Yes, i am a freak! In two years I am going to be looking for a way to get all this baby stuff out of my house..haha Well, i thought I could come over here and vent and you'd understand! Do you have your eye on any 8 year old girl stuff?? That is a super age. Britton was into riding and we leased a little white pony. I have a million pics of that. Lovely, unitl John called one day and said the gig was up, we had to save. Now I have to start that again! Too bad China is sooo far! Have a great day!!!!and give Acer a little hug for me.