Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Acer's Interesting Hangouts

Sometimes, I'm just not sure where I'll find Acer.
Picture one, Acer has climbed into a computer box. He lets us know he's hiding by saying 'Oh No, where's Acer?" Then we have to track him down. Sometimes he 'hides' by putting my robe, that I'm wearing, over his head and saying it. It's not hard to track him down then ;)
Picture two Acer is sitting on/in Rugby's food bowl. Yes, really I do have a concrete moose birdbath in my kitchen. Rugby likes it because he doesn't have to bend down to eat; despite the fact that we have two dogs and there are two bowls to the birdbath/dogfeeder Lobelia doesn't eat out of it at all. She has to eat in another room, she used to require we feed her on a different floor, but now we've progressed a little.

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