Saturday, May 03, 2008

Humbling - Continued

I know that I promised this many days ago, but I was struggling putting it all into words, and so I took a little long, and I left you in suspense, but I appreciate all the patience.

I will admit, the idea of going through the second adoption was daunting to think about when Heather approached me with the idea of Little Miss. As you all probably guessed, it was in regards to whether or not we could pay for another process. I asked her if she thought we could afford it, and she said that we would have to trust God to provide, if He felt that we should do it. I had just changed jobs, and H was still on layoff, so I had to make that choice. Well, if you have read this far, you know the choice I made. :) We have been going along, selling our bookmarks and other things, and at every turn I have been seeing that the choice I made to “lglG” (let go & let God) provide was the wise one. As you have read before, some of the costs of this process have been reduced, like the home study, and some of the paperwork is exactly the same, so it is slightly easier.


What has me really humbled, have been the ways that He has provided for the actual monies that we are putting out to bring LM home.

To start, there have been the unbelievable sales figures of our bookmarks. We (H mostly) has been making and selling (ok, H is making, we both are selling) bookmarks that were designed and created by her. They are selling in numbers that I couldn’t have predicted. We have received donated items to sell in our store from one of the other families that we went to China with the first time, and those are selling pretty well as well.

However, the largest outpouring of His Love has been in the other people around me. Let me tell you about a couple of things that happened recently. There is a group at my work that comes in twice a month to knit and chit-chat. This group is made up of people I work with, and others who come in for the company and the discussions. They recently came to me to ask if they could knit and sell washcloths, the proceeds to be used as a fund for the adoption. As a kicker to this, the Library where I work is having a parking lot sale at the end of the month of May, and the organizers of the sale have donated 2 parking spaces for the group to sell their facecloths and for us to sell bookmarks, or anything else that we want to sell. I know that I didn’t ask for, or deserve, this blessing, but they found it in their hearts to do this for LM.

This was humbling enough, but there IS more.

I was in my office, and an envelope was given to me. I was told that it was sent anonymously, and that it was for the adoption. I was thankful at the time, and decided that I would open it when I was on my way home from work that day. I probably should have waited till I got home, for when I opened it, there was cash in the envelope enough to pay for the home study update, the 1 year update for Acer, with a little bit left over. I have never felt so blessed and humbled in all of my life. Here was something from someone that I don’t necessarily even know, and they had given me the faith to continue. I was starting to get concerned about that particular outlay of money when we did it, and here it was, provided by God, directly to us. That doesn’t even take into account all the donations that people have given over the last several months, those are reminders of the fact that we are doing the right thing in trying to bring LM home.


Amy said...

Praise God for his goodness! It is nice to have the money to adopt, but even nicer to have friends that are happy to help bring your child (their child in part) home! We also want to help. In what way, I can not say. I know in time I will know what part I'm going to play in getting LM home! I love her too!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how things just fall into place when there is a need in regards to such a "good cause."

Tina, mom to an older adopted child plus a couple more!

Beverly said...

Yes Isn't God good?!?!?!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Isn't it just awesome how God works it all out!!


Sharon said...

Is that actually Bill writing!!? Yeah Bill! What a very cool experience you are both living through. Thank you for sharing it with us!! God (continue to)Bless you all@!!!!

cc said...

I love this post and Heather's about manna, keep the faith, LM will be home before you know it.