Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update from someone who's seen Chun Bin

My friend Velletta is over in China right now adopting from CB's foster home. She actaully met and talked to Little Miss in person. She took time out of her busy days to drop me this line (she know's I've been wondering what size she was and whether she was a doll baby girl)

I promise a fuller report late, but CB is adorable! Her English is not as good as Jenna and Rosanna's but I think you won't have a lot of trouble communicating in person. I was able to understand her. She is a little smaller than LuLu, and I think a size 6 or 6X would fit her well. Maybe even a size 4 or 5 in pants (at least at the waist). A 7/8 shirt and dress fits Jenna well, but a size 8 pants literally slide off. We are going shopping for shorts and pants today. I think CB would like dolls too. You are going to have a blast with her.

Can't Wait!



The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh how wonderful to get first-hand info!! Awesome!! She sounds like a tiny little thing! You'll love shopping for girl stuff...so fun!!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! When we met YuMei she was 3'9" and weighed a whole 44lbs at just over 9 years old. She wore a size 6/7 shirt and a size 6 pants with an ELASTIC waist. Even size 6 slim jeans with adjustable waists were a bit loose on her. A little over a year later she has grown 5 inches and gained 13 lbs and now wears a 7 slim in pants and a 10/12 in shirts. Little Miss will grow very quickly so don't buy too many things ahead of time!!!!


Beverly said...

How wonderful!!

Cathy said...

oh how very exciting! An up-close and personal encounter to give you those great bits of information about your girl. SO VERY FUN!