Friday, May 23, 2008

LOI has been sent!

Okay, now a new clock starts ticking.
We have three months from yesterday to submit our dossier to be able to adopt Little Miss.
This should be no problem time wise, how ever should be's rarely are, so please keep us in your prayers.
Also, Please pray for our booth at the upcoming Independence Twp Library parking lot craft fair. The Library's knitting group is knitting facecloths, bibs, and maybe hats (?) and they're letting us sell stuff too. We have our Bookmarks, jewelery from the Diggins' and we'll be selling some of Unca James' delicious oatmeal, walnut, chocolate chip cookies. Yes, He bakes all that into one cookie of goodness. Prayers that people are inspired to buy and donate. we need to bring Little Miss Home!


The Princess's Mommy said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! One step closer!!

TheDideonGang said...

Great news you are just behind us now - it is only 3m and you'll be traveling Ya hoo

Golden To Silver Val said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I was so glad to hear the good news. If you have a PAYPAL account, I'd like to contribute a little to your fund to bring Little Miss HOME! Call me at work Mondays or Fridays and give me the info. Big hugs all around.

Anonymous said...

Googled your new sweetie. What a beautiful little girl. Best wishes for speedy travels and congrats on the LOI.

Gary, Michelle & Hailey