Saturday, May 31, 2008

Prayers needed

Sunday is the craft fair and I have to work, Bill is feeling puny with allergies and Acer is feeling grumpy probably for the same reason.
Prayers of strength, healing and patience for Bill and healing and co-operation for Acer. They'll be there for quite a while and while Acer will happily go up and down stairs for hours, he will probably get bored.
Also, please pray that people BUY!
We need to bring Little Miss home!


Brandon Knowles said...

Of course I'll pray for ya'll! (Don't teach Acer that word!) Its not like I already don't, but more prayers can always be prayed, love you guys!

Your favorite nephew-

PS - Atleast I'm Aunt Heather's favorite, I don't know about Uncle Bill...LOL! JK!

Heather said...

Note to all who might think I'm pulling favorites,
Brandon and I have had this running joke for years.
'Brandon, You're My Favorite Nephew'
'Aunt Heather, I'm your only nephew.'

We now have three other nephews, ages six and under but Brandon did have some time as Uncle Bill's favorite, and only, nephew too.

And, yes, he does get his sense of humor from our side of the family (or so I like to think)