Sunday, June 01, 2008

New info about ChunBin

My friend Velleta is over in China adopting from ChunBin's orphanage and has sent us a more detailed update on her. Here's what she had to say.

She is fairly small, wiry, and cute as a button. I did not see her use her cane when we went out to bounce on the trampoline, although she did need some guiding to get into the swing. I think she is normally pretty cheery, but was depressed much of the time I was there. She did come to life playing outside. I don't think these kids are as used to being outside and physical exercise as I had assumed. Chun Bin was playing with a doll briefly (pretending to feed it), but I didn't see concentrated play with it.
CB speaks broken English, but I think it will improve rapidly. CB I had to listen to very carefully, but I could make it out. She was one of them who kept asking if I could adopt her too. I think phone calls may be difficult, but actual communication when you get her will not. ... seemed very bright and eager to learn. I don't think you need worry about any cognitive impairments. I think you will find her flexible, bright, and a complete delight (after things settle down at home). Jenna really misses her, and I think it will be good for them to be able to maintain contact.

Also, the craft sale went well today, we sold quite a bit and are up another $404.00. Bill and Acer went and looked extremely cute in matching lime green polos and navy shorts. James made a ton of cookies for us last night and the kintting group had good stuff to sell as well. Our Jewelry seemed to be selling better than the bookmarks, and I think I may look around for other craft shows to go to to sell more. Bill and Acer seemed to actually feel better as the day went on. Thank you for the prayers for their health. Now, I just need to kick this bug myself, i actually called in to work today, and it will all be good.

If you have any mad desire to try to sell these to people around your area, drop me a line, I'll ship some out with one of the brochures and then you can just chip in the money back to me. Yes, I know, why would you want to, I'm not sure, but I hope you do want to.

Heather BT

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