Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Busy Monday

I had an early meeting about Acer's school placement for next year. So I was up and out of the house at my normal time to go to work, even though I'd taken the day off. Mum watched Acer so I was able to attend the meeting both mentally and physically. Somtimes it's hard to do both with Acer there.
Acer will be going to school half days five days a week. I think he'll do best with a regular schedule like that. He'll be in pre-school there for two years and then switch to kindergarten. It's actually all the same room, so He'll just progress at his own pace until he's ready to be mainstreamed. When they asked me what my goals were I said my long term goal was for him to be an independent world traveller! Okay, they did ask for long term goals and that's it. My goal is to raise a son who will be confident and able to do whatever he wants.
While talking with his next year's Orientation and Mobility specialist, we got on the subject of canes, Acer needed a longer one and I wanted to get Little Miss a longer folding one. I can tell from the pictures that her cane isn't long enough and figured a folding one would be the easiest to transport. So, she got us one that day. It came home with Mum and Acer from school, and is all set to travel with us to give to her. Acer also got a new longer cane too.
I also took advantage of this time to hit the bank with our craft sale money and also to hit Kohls. Yes, I finally did some shopping for Little Miss now that I have her size. I tried to outfit her with basics from head to toe, socks and tights up to barettes and hair elastics. Think I did really well for my money and we now have a drawer in her dresser full of clothes. It was tough to resist sme stuff, but I don't want to go over board until we see what size she wears in pants.
We went to band practice last night, as usual Unca James watched Acer. Oddly enough, because Bill was there, Acer wanted me to hold him while we were singing. He's usually such a BaBa's boy that I just don't get to hold him when Bill's around, however at band practice he seems to want to be with me lately. Not sure why, but it is interesting, and it's also hard to sing with him in my arms. Not complaining, got to get my snuggles why he's still small enough to want them.

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