Friday, June 06, 2008

Little Miss and others singing

Here's a video of singers from Little Miss' foster home. A family who was adopting from there just a few weeks ago took this video. LM's in the front row wearing a pink and white dress, second from the left. To her left, is her friend who has just been adopted and isn't even home yet. To her right, the little girl in the red dress is supposed to have a family working on paperwork. In the back row, the tallest girl is also supposed to have a family working on paperwork. We're praying that the girl in the striped dress in the front row finds a family soon. She's ten and really wants to be adopted especilly as she's seen her friends getting adopted.


Lois O'Brien said...

Wow--what a treasure this video is! I can't wait for you to bring Little Miss home!

Lois O'Bien

Amy said...

This is so wonderful I'm going to post it on my blog! What a gift!!!

Bryan said...

Oh Heather! Y'all must have tears of joy when you watch your little miss!
What a beautiful girl and all of her friends!!

Beverly said...

Oh I love that song. How special to have this!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Well, I'm just bawling like a baby. That is the sweetest thing ever! How wonderful that you have this video of Little Miss!! I love it!


CC said...

Oh how adorable! What a great treasure I am sure you will enjoy countless times while waiting to bring her home.