Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mum's influence is being felt

For the past two months Mum has been watching Acer three days a week. We can tell what she's been teaching him, old nursery rhymes and other things by what he says. We were startled at first to hear him say he needed to have a bowel movement, as we've been using the Chinese phrase for infants for it, lababa, but we've gotten used to it.
Today instead of saying sit your butte down, our normal phrase, (yes I do use the word butte and yes, he talks about himself in the second person) Acer said "sit your buttocks down." Then he sat in his chair at the table and said 'Might I have some water please?' I swear he said it with a Canadian Accent!


Beverly said...

heh That is great.

Amy said...