Friday, June 27, 2008

What a WEEK!

Wow, From the new car, HiHo, being such a blessing to actually having contact with Little Miss to Losing power and about one in every four trees in our neighborhood this has been a varied and eventful week.

First, I have to say that the Beater has been a blessing from day one and God kept her running for so long. I am truly thankful to have been payment free as we've been for more than nine years. HiHo, her replacement, has some features like auto open doors that I really love. Stow and go seating, AC, radio that works and more. He drives so smoothly and doesn't make any disturbing noises. I know my mechanic was even starting to worry about the beater and he was smiling when he inspected HiHo.

Thursday evening we were able to contact Little Miss (shhh) and find out that she does indeed like the name Calliandra, doesn't like dogs, does like cats and is happy that we were getting a piano. I've also gotten her a good set of basic clothing that can be co-ordinated with the other pieces. Basic, but not boring. I've especially looked for clothing that has stiching and beading so it has more tactile differences. I think our little Sundress girl is about a size six, so am buying sixes, eights and a few bigger things for later if they're really cute. I also picked up a barbie head at the thrift store to practice my french braiding. I figure one hair do an evening and I should be ready for her by gotcha day (whenever that is).

Saturday we hit Target for a few items on sale and I picked up the bedding for C's bed on clearance. 3 sets of sheets, one duvet cover, one shower curtain for the curtain and a table runner for a wall hanging. All flowers and bright colors, but no pink. I'll have to figure our how to work that in. Wonder if she'd go for yellow with coral accents for her room colors.
Tuesday Night my friend Vicki and I hit the town for a girls night out. Okay, so our girls night out only involves Target, Ram's Horn restaurant and closing Kohls, but we were out WAY after 10. It counts as a wild and crazy night for us on a work night.
Vicki and fiance Jeff gave us a certificate to a movie too. We'd let them borrow our tent and blow up bed to go to Nascar with and this was a nice thank you. We'll be combining that with a certificate from neighbor Linda to an Italian restaurant near us soon for a good ole Date Night soon.

Thursday we were given the gift of a piano. A friend, who is a grandmother herself, gave us her second piano which was her grandmother's. As she's 88 herself, I can only imagine how old this is. I love it, beautiful but battered. I won't worry about it being more battered as Acer is not too easy on things. He loves it and Mum, who actually plays-I don't, said it has a lovely tone. Mum has been given a lot of beginner music by her client who used to be a classical concert pianist and music teacher. Mum will be working with both kids on teaching the piano.

After the piano movers left, we headed down for a nap, after the nap - the storm struck. We've been struck by tree blow over storms twice this month already, but this was a tree breaking storm. The others, trees blew over whole this one, trees were just ripped apart. There was hail and thunder and lightning. I grabbed Acer and RAN for the basement. We were safe, our trees were fine, but just right next door they had a tree go down. I'd say we lost at least 25% of the trees in the neighborhood. A huge number. Of course we lost power for about 24 hours too. Power was back on today. Of course it doesn't really bother Acer not to have power except he can't hear his music. this time at least we had the novelty of the piano to keep him interested. Unfortunately we couldn't contact C as planned, We had to re-schedule for Tues. I was really bummed.

Well, time to do laundry as I haven't been able to these past couple days.
I HOPE to post pictures of the new vehicle, the piano and other things soon, but have to find the camera to do it. Sigh.


The Princess's Mommy said...

WOW!!! What a week indeed!! Glad you got your power back on. Sorry about the storms. A piano?? That's great!!! And I knew she would like the name!!! Can't wait to see pictures of HiHo!!
Give Acer a hug for me!

Daniel said...

Congrats on the new instrument! I guess Acer's beloved drum set will get a break on occasion. Have fun!