Thursday, June 12, 2008

The return of Guangguang

Our wonderful next door neighbors, Linda and her daughter Leeanna, gave Acer a stuffed microplush parrot who snores when his wing is squeezed. Acer loves Micro plush and this parrot, christened GuangGuang, soon became the first toy Acer has ever asked to sleep with.
GuangGuang suffered an internal injury and Acer was upset that his beloved toy no longer snored. Enter the emergency team of Aunt Kerry and Uncle John. The ever talented Kerry performed surgery and discovered GuangGuang had a wire come loose. Uncle John took him into work and was able to re-attach the wire. Kerry then sewed up the wing, and added a placket and velcro so we could even change the batteries when needed. If you didn't know Guangguang had had an operation, you would never even see the scar.
Last night Uncle James brought GuangGuang home (James and John work together and things are conveyed via James mail). Acer was still awake when I brought Guangguang into his bedroom and even in the dim hallway light I could see the white of his teeth as he smiled and hugged his precious Guangguang. I think that parrot snored for the next 15 minutes straight as Acer reassured himself that all was right with the world again.

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