Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We have Power again

Wow, the storms that ripped through MI Sunday were fierce. A tornado touched down about 15 miles away and the winds that reached our area blew down multiple trees and ripped limbs from others. We're not sure which tree knocked out our power but we lost power about 4:30 pm Sunday and got it back this morning about 12:30. Thankfully none of our food even spoiled, as we kept the fridge closed up tight. It meant eating a lot of odd, non-cook meals, but we survived and none of our personal trees were harmed in the storm.
I did suffer from a lack of email as I couldn't even check it at work but I'm happy to be back and will be catching up on everybody's blogs this week.
It was hard to explain to Acer why we couldn't play any of his music, but we tried playing other toys more and he only fussed a little saying "you want Mama to get power!". Yes, we're still working on switching him from 'you want' to 'I want.' more of a response instead of a repeat.

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Beverly said...

I think the "you want" is cute. He will get it right soon enough.