Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today I figure out something pretty dern incredible to me. There was a reason for the delay in getting Little Miss' paperwork. Yes, it was indeed according to God's plan. If we had gotten her paperwork when we first asked for it, we wouldn't have had any way to get it done in the three month time limit. Our Immigration paperwork alone will take that long. So we have this delay, which makes us fret and wonder, and then when we do get her paperwork, it should give us just enough time to finish our dossier within the time limit. Once again God is Good!

Oh yes, we're not allowed to post pictures, but if you google Bethel Chun Bin you'll find pictures of an eight year old blind girl who should be coming to a home near us this year ;). These aren't posted on our website, they're on other sites completely so you can check them out.


cc said...

Yeah Heather!!!!! What great news! I hope you have her home this year, that would be fantastic!


Beverly said...

I am so excited for you guys! Does this little girl happen to be one of the children from last summer who didn't have paper work ready yet? I was banned from adopting one of the girls because they weren't going to be paperwork ready before the May 1 cut off. I had inquired specifically about one but for emotional reasons I chose not to remember which one. It makes me too sad. But in the end it is for the best as Glenys has to be the oldest.

I am so excited for you guys!!