Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Snow day

We woke up to this beauty on New Year's Day. Lovely packing snow had blown all night and covered everything. If we weren't going to my in-laws, I would have really enjoyed making a snowman with Acer. As it was we hit the road mid-day, and the roads still weren't plowed. These are views of the crabapple across the street, our maple (no a snow blower didn't do that) and our short section of privet hedge.
It was deep enough that we were scraping the snow on the roads with the bottom of the car, and when we got going fast enough the scraping started throwing snow up into the engine compartment. The poor Beater (the name of my loyal but battered Minivan), we had no idea what was wrong until Bill tried to start her up after we'd been at his parents for a while. She wouldn't stay running so he popped the hood & discovered - Snow! I've never heard of an engine compartment being filled with snow before, but Bill's mom said it had happened to her once.
Bill borrowed his mom's car for the trip and Acer stayed there with me instead of taking the hour and a half long drive with Bill for a lovely nap. Acer and I took a nap, with my idea being that after Bill got back, we'd work on the Beater. No, thankfully we didn't have to, Bill's brothers and uncle worked on it while we slept and it was almost all done by the time Bill returned. A great job guys, Thanks!

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Monica said...

Wow! How beautiful (the snow, not the van engine!). I'm glad you got it fixed and running again! It's freezing here, but no snow ;-( Stay Warm!