Sunday, January 06, 2008

Blogroll, a technological advance for me

I've now mastered the art of putting Links on the sidebar. Yes, I know, I've been blogging for 17 months and JUST figured this out now. Oh well, I've always had Bill do this for me, but since I started my own blog, I figured it out. So... If you'd like/be willing to have me put you on my blogroll, please leave me a comment. I won't put you there unless you comment.
Heather BT


Amy said...

Proud of you! I'm still figuring out stuff too. I guess that makes it more interesting! I would like to be on your blogroll.

Monica said...

WOW! I'm impressed! Acer, your momma is so smart! We'd love to be on your blogroll! Now if you figure out how to change your blog background, you'd better fill me in!

Beverly said...

You know you can put us there.

Sharon said...

I want to go on your blogroll! I always get such a rush when I figure out how to do a new teckno thing! Congratulations!