Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm nominating us for....

Parents of the year!.
Okay not really, but we should, Acer this year, between his birthday and Christmas, received the following sound making devices.
1) drum, toy type but reasonable loudness can be achieved.
2) Finger beats drum toy. A full drum set at your fingertips, complete with demo's and recording mode.
3) TWO keyboards with microphones. We can now have one upstairs and one in the front room - Double the joy! Go Mum, work with those little fingers in your weekly piano lessons & soon he'll be able to make great music.
4) A piano horn. You have to press keys as you blow to make noise.
5) A recorder, the type with finger holes, not cassettes.
and last but not least
6) a wonderful music table with:
a tambourine, a xylophone, two bongo drums, a castanet, maraca, and a cymbal (Acer loves cymbals)

He already had
1) little tykes electronic drum
2) little tykes keyboard
3) harmonica
4) xylophone/piano toy shaped like a cat
5) kazoo
6) tambourine
7) two egg shaped shakers
And best yet, we won't ever tell him not to use them, unless of course he's doing something like swinging the microphone against the wall. Go Music, Rock on little man!

Note, I've been in retail horticulture for more than 20 years, if I can tune out the horrible music at work I can tune out anything. The little man can rock on to Manamana to his heart's content.


Sharon said...

That really is something to be nominated for!! He is one lucky boy. One of these days when he's Stevie Wonder of something you can cash in..haha

Beverly said...

That is a really loud house.

But I bet it is fun.


Monica said...

WOW! You really are parents of the year! I bet your house if full of fun and laughter!